Day 1 – DIA to LAX

So I’m on the plane.✈️ It was a mad rush waking up this morning. I had to leave the house at 6:45, but managed to leave at 7:00. (My dad made a smoothie at 6:50 because he “wasn’t feeling well”). On our way to the airport, my grandpa called and said there was a deer in our yard. But, I was really confused because for 1. We don’t live in the woods and 2. WE DON’T LIVE IN THE WOODS!!  But anyway, we drove to DIA and got there at 7:30, right in time

The whole car ride I was excited because I was gonna have a blast. I have only been away from home by myself for 1 week in Washington D.C but that’s it. And this trip is a whole month. I mean, I was pretty nervous but the interns said it was gonna go by as fast as lightning.

We checked out bags and talked a lot. We cracked jokes and I forgot all about going all around the world. There are 14 students going and 3/4 of them are guys. Yay…. We are all pretty close and excited.

After security, we wandered to the train and smushed the other passengers. One even gave us a dirty look. Me and my friend held on to another girls’ backpack and tried not to pull her over.

Once we got to the gate, we were awarded $20 and got to roam the airport and eat food. I of course got ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s. Lainie,my friend, got so angry about there not being a Starbucks and then we rushed back to the gate.  My group,which consists of Jack (the smart intern), me and Lainie. Jack knows the most Japanese so we aren’t that worried

We received our tickets and stood in the line to board the plane and while waiting, Paloma, Lainie and I went to the bathroom. Lainie got her ticket wet and was freaking out because she thought she couldn’t board the plane. The paper towel dispenser was “haunted” because when you ripped the towel, more would come out. Between the 3 of us, about 40 towels we used.

We ran back to the line and me and Paloma talked with the intern Shaun and he told us of his experience of lost bags. We panicked but he said he got it back a day later.
Eventually, we boarded the plane and everyone switched seats. I sat with Lainie and this older guy next to her. We are in our way to LA, and then to the Narita airport.
✌️ ~Melina1-1402415822-our-group-leaving-denver1-1402415822-just-the-girls


Your last taste of the US, I hope you enjoyed that pizza! Maybe no more Mexican food for another month too. But miso soup and rice for breakfast should more than make up for it. I wonder what it means when “not feeling well” is in quotes.

Grandma Lolo


I know you will have a wonderful time in Japan and so far your plane ride with all the other students going from Denver to LA was both exciting and a new experience. Have a safe trip on your new adventure.

Aunt Sara

How exciting! I am glad that you are writing about this experience, I don’t want you to forget about this adventure. I can’t wait to hear what you are dong each day.


I need new shoes, going to get some tomorrow.


YAY! how awesome! I can’t tell if the YAY about the boys was sarcastic or not…. <3 you… Ms. Allen