Day 9 – Home

On our last night nobody can sleep. Our taxi picked us up at 3 am local time, 11 pm Denver time. Our flight left at 6 am to Panama. After the 6 hour flight, 1 hour layover, 4 hour delay and 7 hour flight to Denver, we got home at 8 pm Denver time, midnight in Chile. Nearly 24 hours of travel.

It’s been an adventure, maybe a little too long in the big city. Our first days in Santiago were the best, along with all of our time on the coast. The trip was short, but we could have squeezed in another area to visit, like Patagonia or Argentina.

Our passports have had a workout over the past 10 years and now expire in the coming months. We’ll wait to see where college takes Melina before making any more plans. We know Maile wants to put her French to practice, so her goal is visit France, Quebec, or a French-speaking country in Africa.

Insomnia, by Pablo Neruda

In the middle of the night I ask myself,
what will happen to Chile?
What will become of my poor, dark country?

From loving this long, thin ship so much,
these stones, these little farms,
the durable rose of the coast
that lives among the foam,
I become one with my country.
I met every one of its sons
and in me the seasons succeeded one another,
weeping or flowing.

I feel that now,
with the dead year of doubt scarcely over,
now that the mistakes which bled us all
are over and we being to plan again
a better and juster life,
the menace once again appears
and on the walls a rising rancor.

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